Welcome to this weeks episode of Masternode Monday!

CryptoBridge is having its first trading competition for June with the set hashtag #fromjunetothemoon,  the competition will reward the best traders in terms of volume and not in terms of profit.

If you guys have been following along with the journey with our friends from Aircoins, you can now withdraw AIRx from the app into any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens so if you plan on trading it to other wallets be sure to have some Ethereum stashed away to cover that cost. This is the only coin you can withdraw for now but they did mention that they are working towards adding more in the future.

On June 14th SafeInsure (SINS) block reward will enter in the long term stability phase. (block reward will decrease from 9 to 5 coins/block) The reward decrease will lower the inflation bringing more stability and security.