For this weeks episode of Masternode Monday :

Yet another hack has happened with Bitcoin this week resulting in about 100k worth of BTC looted from an engineering manager at Crypto-currency Custodian Bitgo, who could have prevented this attack with the right precautions. He talked about all the ways he could have prevented this from happening in his statement.

Dash released their latest version 0.14 with including "ChainLocks" increasing security against 51% mining attacks being the first Proof-of-work network to implement this.  Between their last release and this one, it will be exciting to see what is in store for the launch of Evolution.

Cryptopia asset holders may have no hope in seeing returns due to their recent liquidation and investigations. They have released an FAQ support page to answer the publics most popular questions which aren't really answers at all. Good luck to all our fellow Cryptopia customers.

Have a great week! We look forward to sharing more next Monday!