Welcome to this weeks Masternode Monday!

Great news for digital currencies this week, they are getting a mainstream push so retailers like Whole Foods, Lowes, Petco, and many more will accept payments in crypto!

Energi is working on becoming one step closer to their ultimate world adoption goal working on an update that enables virtually all of Ethereum’s capabilities. They have been working on becoming more accessible and user-friendly by being listed on more exchanges transitioning to a Proof-of-Stake model that allows users to stake their Energi onto the network to earn rewards and giving back to the community by ‘raining’ Energi in their discord.

As of 15 May 2019, Cryptopia has gone into liquidation and has suspended all trade operations. Customers have expressed frustration that they were not allowed to withdraw funds since the hack, with some also calling for creditors to organize and take legal action against the exchange. They had made a statement that they will conduct a thorough investigation, working with several different stakeholders including management and shareholders, to find the solution that is in the best interests of customers.

Have a great week everyone and we will see you next Monday!