Thanks for checking in again for this weeks Masternode Monday!Huge congratulations to Netrum for breaking into the top 10 rankings for the very first time on MasterNodes.Pro!! NIX has finally released the beta version of Off-Chain Governance. Their wallet version is now released which allows all users to participate in NIX’s Off-Chain Governance Beta testing! Off-Chain Governance will let users be able to hand proposals to the NIX ecosystem. These proposals will be displayed on the proposals page.

Recently PIVX tweeted out that:

A new core wallet will be released soon that will harden the security of our PoS network. It is recommended for everyone to upgrade asap once released. This will help to prepare our
network for the upcoming major wallet release!

We will make sure to let you guys know when it's released.

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Have a great week from all of us here at MNP.