Welcome to this weeks Masternode Monday!

We start off this week with shout outs and a big thank you to all the coins that listed with us this month including Bitcoin Real, Zenon, Fuloos, Xtendcash, Netrum, Axel, and Find Your Developer. All the links to check out their stats are provided in the description of the video.

As we are sure everyone is aware by now of the masternode spoofing exploit...Kore masternodes, however, are not susceptible to this. They have however removed their masternodes for a short time until the issue gets resolved just as a precaution. Those of you who are Kore masternode holders can take advantage of the temporarily increased staking rewards during this time.  

Happy 6th birthday to Coin Market Cap! They celebrated by sharing with the community things they have been working on for months and shared their story of how Coin Market Cap got started.

If you enjoy a good debate, the Bitcoin vs gold battle has begun with Grayscale Investments. They are using the hashtag #dropgold as the centerpiece for this campaign, wanting to educate the community on why they think Bitcoin is a better investment than gold. They plan on having a debate at their upcoming conferences.  

Thank you for watching!
We will be back next week!