Welcome back to another MasterNode Monday!

We wanna start off your week ahead with some shout outs to our coins that recently renewed with us this week including 3DCoin, Rupaya, and Zenon!

Coinbase has made the move into Proof-Of-Stake with Tezos! Hopefully this will affect the masternode community and masternode coins will be available on the Coinbase platform.

If you're a developer say hello to Game Grid by Ionomy. It allows developers to focus on games while crypto experts will simplify integration and bring more people playing! For everyone else, check out the preview for Game Grid that is available, links are listed in the video.

Shout out to ESBC for getting listed on the number one MarketCap listing site, CoinMarketCap. ESBC is a cryptocurrency betting platform and you can check out all their statistics at CoinMarketCap or MasterNodes.Pro!

Keep your eye on Collegicoin, they will be live with their new website soon and also following their new website they will be having a new wallet release as well. The best way to keep in touch with everything they are doing is through their Discord.

Lastly, Stakenet has made progress on their road map this week. You can view their live road map on their website that has been divided into two categories. They will be updating it weekly so we can all keep an eye on their progress.