Happy MasterNodes Monday!  We are back with lots of great information to catch you up on from this past week.

We have some cool news to share from Ionomy! Ionomy announced that you can now trade Sharenodes without a subscription. Sharenodes are trade able assets that represent fractional masternodes. Owners earn masternode-level rewards without having to purchase an entire masternode. Now everyone can trade Sharenodes. All you need is a free ionomy account.

We also have another great Rafflecopter Event going on right now! This week is with CryptoDezireCash and the Top 4 get $25 CDZC! To enter follow this link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/d8871f183/

Last week saw 4 winners win $25 in DMme coins and over 500 participants!

MasterNodes.Pro has added a newly released exchange to our Discount partners program. EX24.  They have offered a 40% discount on their listing fee to all projects listed currently on MasterNodes.Pro and future listings. All projects on the EX24 platform are eligible for a 10% discount on MNP listing fee's if  paid in BTC or a 15% discount on MNP Listing fee's if paid in MNPCoin!

Finally, we also want to tell you about an AWESOME adventure our very own MNP_Sido is currently taking. He and a friend are taking a one week excursion through the treacherous jungles of Costa Rica to see the sights of the country and also to show how easy the PolisPay app is to use anywhere. He will be buying all supplies, food, and whatever else the adventure will need all with Polis and MNPCoin from the jungle using PolisPay! He will be documenting his adventure and we will have more fun and exciting details on this coming up next week!

Thanks for tuning in and as always,

Happy MasterNode Monday!