We are back for MasterNodes Monday!

This week we discuss some big announcements for MNPCoin as well as Arion and answering a big question: What will my return be on a masternode?

We also have an interview with Joël Valenzuela from Dash Force news immediately following our weekly update.

MNPCoin will soon be available on the PolisPay app with our friends from Polis, Dash, Gincoin, and ColossusXT. Get your Mastercard at www.polispay.com. This is a great time to stock up on some MNPCoin.

MNPCoin has also been added to the Zcore masternode hosting platform where you can host your masternode for only $1.99 a month and have the ability to pay for your hosting fees in MNPCoin!

Celebrating Arion turning 1 year old with competitions and giveaways and the opportunity to name their new mascot while competing to win a masternode.