Wallet Administration

I want to thank our Wallet Administration team for doing a great job fixing the wallets that end up in maintence and building out new wallets as they are added to the service. Thank you MNP_Thomas & MNP_Tasha.

Statistic Tracking CodeBase

We are activly developing our process services to handle stats. Today, we made a new advancement and over the course of the next few weeks we will be upgrading each wallet server to support this new process. As wallets get this new system you will begin to see better ROI tracking and event MasterNode Lists show up in the Advanced Stats.

MNPCoin Development

We have hired a new wallet admin that will be able to stay on for the long term and help us advance our coin. Launch date is still To Be Announced as we want to make sure everything is running smooth before launch. You will know when we will be releasing when you see the Swap System come online.

New Partnerships

Since CoinMarketCap is a pain to get on, a community member has decided to start their own MarketCap service. In homage to our site, they have called it MarketCap.pro. They are activly developing the project and have already provided us the backend API's to pull the data they are pulling and compiling. Next step for them is to design a FrontEnd and launch the site. We will be discussing with them in an up and coming meeting about pricing and what kind of deals we can offer our users to use them.