Currently being traded as a token on the Waves blockchain, the up and coming Wagerr Coin is going to revolutionize the online betting world. How? By providing a 100% decentralized betting platform.

So, why are we talking about it? Well, the coin is a point of stake coin with MASTERNODES which they call "Oracle MasterNode". This Masternode is kind of like the house for the whole network- they will provide the verification for all bets on the platform /and/ provide the payout for each of these bets to the winning user or users.

We had a chance to speak with their CEO and ask what he thinks about the Oracle MasterNode. He must be pretty busy because we got something short and sweet in response.

Oracle Masternodes are more than just masternodes, they are the future of it.
-CEO: David Mah.

So, if you're a MasterNode enthusiast, this is the next big thing to add to your MasterNode Network.

Check them out at: