Today Talium (TLM) stats have gone live for all to view.

Talium is a growing cryptocurrency with a low supply and an active dedicated development team to keep the code well managed. Talium is the new way of dealing financially, it is breaking the barrier of the traditional way of transacting financially. Talium guarantees absolute anonymity and privacy of your transactions. With our coming up payment system along with our payment plugins, it offers easy to integrate services to sell any products and digital goods from your own website without any risk of chargebacks or fraudulent activities.

Talium's system proof-of-stake system combines randomization with the concept of coinage, a number derived from the product of the number of coins multiplied by the number of days the coins have been held.

Talium Masternodes secure the blockchain and provide stability and availability of the Talium network. Coin owners and investors will be rewarded financially for providing these invaluable services. Anyone can run a masternode. The aim is to have enough of masternodes in decentralization so no one has control on a crucial fraction of masternodes. Masternodes operates a treasury fund which ensures that the crypto project is a long-term thing.

With its low total supply of 3.2 Million coins, Talium will be at a stable and promising price for future investors and HODLers.

We're happy to welcome Talium into our community!