Today we have a brief news update. Currently, we are building out our new CoreCode. What does this mean? Well, if we currently run your coin and your wallet needs updating, now is the time to say something! We will be moving all coins to the new codebase which will require a reset of all stats, so updating is best done at this time.

We've got our first block in our ElasticSearch servers now, and will continue to process these as we develop the new codebase. Currently, we are approximately 2-3 weeks away from having a functional new CodeBase for all coins. Of course, this is only an estimate and the timeframe could be altered. At any rate, be ready for highspeed data display, and 99.99% uptime on stats!

In the future, we may also include a BlockExplorer, as we will be tracking all of that data with our ElasticSearch servers.

We hope to bring you more updates soon, so stay tuned.