Today Slate Chain (SLTC) stats have gone live for all to view. These stats are 100% accurate. Users can now see their ROI as well as additional details in the stats.

Slate is built on the Lyra2z algorithm, due to its advanced security features and ability to preserve mining energy consumption. It offers miners lower energy consumption, therefore incentivizing miners to use this coin. Slate is built on a dual PoW/PoS mining algorithm. The max reward for PoW will be 20 SLTC, and it will stop at block 25,000. PoS begins at block 25,001, with the block reward remaining at 24 SLTC until block 190k. 50% of all rewards are allocated to Masternode holders.
The Slate blockchain is maintained and secured by a network of Masternodes to offer stability, security, and privacy, ensuring the integrity of the blockchain now and in the future. For their participation in maintaining the network, Masternodes are given 50% of the rewards from PoS/Pow. Collateral to maintain a Masternode starts at 6000 SLTC.

We're happy to welcome Slate Chain into our community!