Today Satoshi Coin (SATC) stats have gone live for all to view.

Satoshi Coin's vision will be the "Satoshi Secure". A hardware wallet that will have the most advanced level of security which is compatible with over 400 different cryptocurrencies. Satoshi Secure will have a built-in GPS tracker, so you can easily locate your device if lost and remote wipe easily. The device has WIFI and sim card compatibility, therefore, it has total independence and connection to a computer is not required. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed. There will also be an automated secure backup function to Satoshi Secure Cloud. Satoshi Secure will have retail mode where you can make easy payments to high street retailers and also have a QR code scanner. Satoshi Secure will have lifetime support with free updates and will come in variety of colours - price $TBC.

We're happy to welcome Satoshi Coin into our community!