Today marks a milestone, one which we thought would take longer. We are close to finalizing our ElasticSearch Database. Over the past few days, we have been testing everything with the Ion Network and so far our results have all been positive. Our scripts are running perfectly and we just need to set up the Cronjobs to process the data and keep track of what's going on.

Additionally, we will be running blockNotify to run the script on each blockfound in the network of the coin its monitoring.

We're sure you're wondering what the next steps will be.
1: Complete Notify Script
2: Final Testing and QA of ElasticSearch DB
3: Start of New CodeBase for Stats Sites
4: QA of New CodeBase
5: Final Testing and Release of CodeBase
6: Start of MasterNodes.Pro New CodeBase
7: QA of MNP CodeBase
8: Final Testing and Release of MNP CodeBase

Hopefully, we can get these things done in a timely manner so all currently offline coins can get back online and we can get back to providing awesome stats for everyone to see.