We would like to extend a BIG MasterNodesPro "Thank You" to Mr. Kristof for taking the time to stop by the office and educate his viewers on Masternodes!

We also would like to thank Energi for sponsoring this video, make sure to watch the video in it's entirety for your chance to win $100 worth of BTC!  

As many of you know Mr. Kristof is the authority when it comes to Mining, Staking and Investment Tips! He runs a very successful YouTube channel and has quite a large crypto eccentric community.

In this video MNP_Jason and Mr. Kristof go over the basics of the masternode universe. What will I need to get started? What information is important when choosing a masternode? Who are masternodes that we at MasterNodesPro trust? What are the indicators?

They also take some time to take a closer look at the Energi project, so you don't want to miss this awesome educational video on Masternodes brought to you by Energi, Mr Kristof and MasterNodesPro Jason!