Today we are launching the MNPMorph System on https://MNPCoin.Pro. This will allow you to Morph your BTC and other currencies (Coming Soon) to MNPCoin.

To do this you need to visit https://MNPCoin.Pro and Signup/Login to the site.

Once logged in, CLICK on the MNP Dropdown, as pictured below, and you will see Morph

A new window will appear where you can select the amount of MNP you want
(Once you click on the Range Selector You can use the keyboard up, down, left, right to set the amount you want)
After selecting your amount, the “GENERATE MORPH BTC ADDRESS” button will become available to click.

Once you click “GENERATE MORPH BTC ADDRESS” button you will be presented with an amount, a BTC address, and a QRCode to use on a mobile device to send coins with if you so wish.
Notice that it can take 1-12 hours to process your Morph as we hand process each Morph to ensure security and accuracy. (Also, it requires 6 confirms on the BTC (Other Coins) Network to verify a transaction.)

At this point you can Email our support system at to help speed up the process and get up to the minute data on what is happening with your Morph. Please select the MNPMorph option to direct your ticket to the correct team.

Once your Morph has been confirmed you will see your MNP Balance on You will then be able to withdraw the MNPCoin to your local wallet or you will be able to use the MNPCoin for any of the services on the MNP network.