It is with a heavy heart that we announce our withdrawal from Escodex. We have been listed to this platform for over a month and we had great expectations for our projects future with this exchange. Unfortunately, Escodex lacks some of the fundamental values that we hold dear at MasterNodes.Pro. Notably, a genuine lack of customer service and commitment from the Escodex team. We emailed and direct messaged representatives for days on end about issues, with little to no response.

Our second issue with the Escodex exchange is lack of marketing that was available to every other coin that listed on the exchange. Each coin listed on Escodex receives an announcement welcoming the project to the Escodex Platform. When we did not receive this announcement and reached out, we were ignored and no one even asked to rectify the issue.

Lastly, another reason for our withdrawl from Escodex is one of moral ethics. The platform charges a fee of 0.1 BTC to list onto their exchange. The process of adding a coin to an exchange can be work, so this listing price is very justifiable and we had no issue paying for the service. As a platform that constantly has to build wallets for our clients we can understand that the initial work for listing a project is more work than to maintain a project or update a wallet.  Our project was recently affected by the PoS bug and had to update our wallets, along with 300+ other projects that were affected by this issue. When we were finally able to get into contact with someone from the exchange to notify them of the update, we found that they would be charging all of the projects affected another 0.1 BTC charge per wallet update (about 15 minutes of work). This seems very unbecoming and we do not wish to contribute to the filling of Escodex's pockets when they offer poor customer service, shady pricing, and are not willing to respond to the requests of the projects that keep them alive.