MNPCoin - MasterNodes.Pro Coin Wallet update

Version: v1.2.4


Update to fix Bandwidth issue.

  • Remove BIP130 as it was causing a bandwidth issue with local wallets and hosted nodes


Important please look into you wallet if you are on the Right block!

Offical Blockexplorer:

If you are running a Wallet on a linux box here is a fix to make sure you are on the right blockchain.

cd ~/.mnpcoin &&

mnpcoin-cli stop &&

sleep 5 &&

rm -fr backups/ blocks/ chainstate/ sporks/ zerocoin/  &&

rm budget.dat db.log debug.log fee_estimates.dat mncache.dat mnpayments.dat peers.dat  &&

wget &&

tar -xvf bootstrap.tar.gz  &&

rm bootstrap.tar.gz  &&


For windows Wallets:

Download:  UNZIP it to `%AppData%\MNPCOIN\` Open File Explorer and enter `%AppData%\MNPCOIN\` Backup mnpcoin.conf, masternode.conf, wallet.dat (you should backup these files on a flashdrive) Delete everything else but mnpcoin.conf, masternode.conf, wallet.dat Then restart your MNPCoin Wallet