Hello MNPCoin friends,

The MNPCoin staff would like to give you a short summary about what we have been working on and what we have accomplished in the month of January. We have had a great month behind us with lots of News.

Graviex Listing:


MNPCoin is now available to collect in the Aircoinsapp:


MNPCoin Wallet Update v1.2.2:


MNPCoin has been integrated in Polispay:


Interview in German with MNP_Sido about MNPCoin and MasterNodes.Pro.

(Unfortunately, the sound is a bit quiet, that will be better next time.)


What else do we have in store for MNPCoin in the near future?

  • The Android mobile wallet beta test has started for MNPCoin. We hope to release this to our user base very soon to test also and give us their thoughts.
  • The next Exchange listing is pending and will be officially announced once we receive the official announcement from the exchange.
  • We are working on the completion of the Electrum wallets for MNPCoin.

We will continue to work hard to build a solid foundation for MNPCoin with the new https://MasterNodes.Pro  homepage. In the next few months we will be offering some new ways to use MNPCoin that we are sure everyone will love. Many more developments are in progress but we cannot announce them at this time.

Happy Rewards!

Your MNPCoin Team!