MNPCoin is thrilled to announce our partnership with PolisPay!

What is PolisPay?

PolisPay is an application that accepts cryptocurrencies, stores your crypto and allows you to spend them securely. You can load your card with BTC, DASH, Polis, Gin, Colossusxt and soon with MNPCoin. Inside of the PolisPay app you can exchange currencies against each other extremely quickly and easily. If you need to reload your card it's the easiest app to use and by far the quickest.

Watch how it works:

With PolisPay you can instantly exchange your crypto into fiat currency and pay with your PolisPay Mastercard.

PolisPay will inform the community on how to get their hands on these cards. The cost of each card and setup is $25. Right now PolisPay is in beta, several cards have already been shipped and are working all around the world. You can find out more information and even order your card here:

With this exciting new partnership, MNPCoin holders can soon go to the food store, fuel station, or even pay their bills using the PolisPay Mastercard by simply converting MNPCoin into Fiat currency and using your card. PolisPay is secure and payments are accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

With the PolisPay app it's easy to monitor your coins and store them safely in your wallet. Also Instant send and Instant withdrawals from any Mastercard compatible ATMs! Needless to say, this is HUGE news for MNPCoin and MasterNodesPro! What an amazing usecase for our coin and our community! MNPCoin is still in its beginning stages, many thanks for all who have MNPCoins in their wallet! The MNPCoin team and the team will continue to work on adoption and other partnerships such as Polispay.

Get your Masternode and Mastercard now and go shopping with your rewards at launch!