Greetings MasterNodesPro and MNPCoin Community!

We would like to give a quick update and behind the scenes glimpse at ​​what we are working on and what the plan is moving forward for Q1/2019! For us, it is important that we are transparent; in our experience with the crypto market we have seen many projects fail. We have also witnessed many regularly lose their investment because they invest in masternodes that are pushed/shilled and hyped without having any real world use case. Those considering investing into a new projects should carefully consider and think “is there really a use case and a need for the coin?” For this very reason, it is important for us to promote the utility and use case of MNPCoin. The MasterNodesPro staff works hard to provide a platform where you can get all of the information and news about all the masternode coins that are covered by the MasterNodesPro analytical site/network.

Without getting into specifics, here is a general guideline on what our community can tentatively expect to see coming in Q1 of 2019. We will be releasing an all new MasterNodes.Pro page! This new page has a completely new design, much easier usability, more information about every coin, and more transparency. Our YouTube channel will continue to produce more interviews with coin project's dev teams. Our YouTube channel will also be bringing you weekly updates as well as the latest news on bounties, raffles, and giveaways. We also are working on MNPCoin Prepaid Card (MasterCard) we will bring you more information on this development in January. MNPCoin is also working on integration into a fun (profitable) gaming app, more details on this will follow in the coming weeks.  We also plan to launch a new road map for MasterNodesPro and the MNPCoin Whitepaper in Q1. Please keep in mind the presale price of MNPCoin was 5500 SAT and we have blockhalving in 2019 (August). The reward then goes down from 10 MNP (6 MNP Masternode / 4 MNP Stake) down to 5 MNPCoin (3 MNP Masternode / 2 MNP Stake) (Block 525600) .

We will massively increase the usability and the real world use case for MNPCoin because only a coin that has a real utility and a need will survive. We are so grateful for our community's patience and support; you're a great community and we will continue to do our best to bring you great new features, partnerships, new use cases, tools, and anything else so that you may get the very best experience from MasterNodesPro and MNPCoin. We will do everything we can to bring MasterNodesPro and MNPCoin to the crypto forefront in 2019!

On behalf of the MasterNodesPro and MNPCoin Teams we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Seasons Greetings!