Today MIRAGE (MRG) stats have gone live for all to view. These stats are 100% accurate. Users can now see their ROI as well as additional details in the stats.

MIRAGE strongly believes in integrity and that a crypto-currency product made by crooks will always be short-lived and crash as a burning fiasco. They also believe in security. Decentralization is paramount to cryptocurrency resilience to attacks. A Proof-of-Stake currency does not require costly hardware and lots of power to secure the network. Not only they are ecologically responsible, they also provide network security. Some of the core values of the team are - integrity, honesty and transparency. They promise to always be outspoken about our plans for the coin. They will do their best to create value for the holders of MIRAGE as they want it to be a viable investment.

We're happy to welcome MIRAGE into our community!