Greetings MasterNode Pros,

It has been a year and a half since we have started this project and it has been busy. As the first and one of the leading MasterNodes informational/statistical sites we would like to update everyone on some of the work that is going on behind the scenes, here at MasterNodes.Pro LLC.

MasterNodes.Pro is getting a fresh modern look and is in the last stages of development. We have been taking suggestions from the community and hopefully this update will live up to everyone’s expectations. Aside from a fresh look and enhanced user experience, our statistics will still be the best and most accurate in the space; we will also still be providing the best customer service possible. We have been very busy updating the backend code to provide the most accurate statistics and as we find better ways to provide data to our users, we continue to refine code. As you know, providing the best and most accurate statistics is the top priority for the MasterNodes.Pro staff. Soon after the release of the new updated website we will be releasing some new features including providing a Block Explorer for every project we list and an updated Tag-n-Track masternode tracking system. Over the next 6 months there will be many more updates and tool for everyone in our growing community to use.  We feel these added features will assist everyone in our community, ranging from the new masternode owner all the way up to the PRO masternode owner in making sound portfolio decisions.

We have recently launched a new YouTube channel where we are providing the latest news about MasterNodes.Pro, MNPCoin, MarketCap.Pro, and other important MasterNode news. Please visit MasterNodes.Pro YouTube to get the latest and most current news and information in the MasterNodes space. Our very own MNP_Cassie has taken the role of our “YouTube Star”, and so far has been doing an excellent job. We have some exciting interviews coming up and other great announcements will be released via this YouTube channel. Please take the time to smash the “bell notification button” and don’t forget to LIKE the video and subscribe to our channel.

In August we released MNPCoin our very own utility token. MNPCoin will be used as a currency for future services on the MasterNodes.Pro network and affiliated websites. We plan on having many uses for MNPCoin, which is a rarity in today’s masternode space. The decision to create a coin was made early on in the development of MasterNodes.Pro but we didn’t just want to create another coin, we wanted to create utility for the coin, and prove that the use would be successful before we released the coin to the public. This is why on the One Year Anniversary of MasterNodes.Pro we released MNPCoin to the world. Since then we have - brought on Andreas Meyer to be the Project Manager for MNPCoin.  We believe Andreas and his plans/vision can help to make MNPCoin a success.

MarketCap.Pro is continually growing. We have plans to have the same company that is updating the frontend of MasterNodes.Pro to do the same for MarketCap.Pro. We are adding exchanges to the backend and refining the code to provide the best Marketcap site available. MarketCap.Pro development is not a top priority at this time as we are focusing on MasterNodes.Pro and the utility for MNPCoin. But don’t worry, there will be BIG changes and updates to MarketCap.Pro in the near future!

The MasterNodes.Pro staff is sincerely grateful and would like to thank everyone for helping us achieve the success that we have; we will continue to always provide the same high level of service and care that we have been become known to provide.