MasterNodesPro Weekend Recap for the week of 12/28/2018

Wallet Updates:

1) PeepMasterNode - Please go to With the new wallet update, the MN collateral will increase at block 181,666 from 500,000 PMN to 3,000,000 PMN

2) Zixx - New mandatory update to the wallet:
The changes are all spork activated!

3) Rupaya - There is a mandatory update for the Rupaya wallet. Please update all wallets (this includes all desktop and masternodes) to version 5.0.31 immediately. This required update is due to a recently discovered bug that could have allowed a reward type exploit. The bug was initially reported by a user and a bug discovery bounty was paid to that community member.

New Listings:

1) DMTI Token -
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New Partnerships:

1) MNPCoin / Alchemy Exchange:

2) MNPCoin / HostMasternode:

3) MNPCoin / Staker.Tech:

4) MNPCoin / Satoshi Solutions:

YouTube Weekly: