MasterNodesPro Weekend Recap for the week of 01/04/2019

Wallet Updates:

1) Neutron v2.2.0

2) PeepMasterNode v1.0.6

3) Snowgem : v3000450-20181208

4) Olympic - v1.0

5) Condominum - v1.3.1.0

New Partnerships:

1) Staker.Tech -
MNPCoin has been added to the new PoS calculator
With the help of the calculator, any investor can assess the portfolio profits and optimize it on the regular basis. Entering the amount of investments allows to see a revenue prognosis.

2) -
MNPCoin has began implementation onto the Augmented Reality game Aircoins. Aircoins is a fun new game that you can collect cryptocurrency simply by taking a walk around the block, while grocery shopping, or on a lunch break at work. You will be able to collect MNPCoin into your Aircoins wallet everyday just by being adventurous!  

New YouTube Video:


1) Linda until 12/29/2019 -

2) LuxCore until 01/01/2020 -

3) Crave until 01/01/2020 -

4) GoByte until 01/01/2020 -

5) OHM until 02/16/2020 -

6) ColossusCoinXT until 01/03/2020 -


1) Seather - developer MIA, github link broken, website not functional, explorer down for non payment

2) Trip - No contact with team. Explorer offline. Broken URLs

3) MartexCoin - non payment of renewal fee

4) Terracoin - non payment of renewal fee

5) DigitalPrice - non payment of renewal fee

6) Bulwark - non payment of renewal fee