Join our MNPCoin Holiday Stake Bounty and enjoy these awesome deals from MasterNodesPro!! (starting from 12-1-2018 till 12-31-2018)

Limited seats available!!! (See list below!) Your going to want to get in early because this bounty isn't going to last! This bounty will end when seats are filled or 12-31-2018, whichever is first!

There are 3 ways to enter this Holiday Bounty!


Buy 1,000 MNPCoins on Stex/Crex and get 4% (40 MNP bounty coins) - 20 seats available


Buy 2,500 MNPCoins on Stex/Crex and get 6% (150 MNP bounty coins)  - 15 seats available


Buy 5,000 MNPCoins on Stex/Crex and get 8% (400 MNP bounty coins)  - 10 seats available

Buy 1 of these Stake packages (min. 1,000 MNPCoin) on STEX or Crex24 and get % free MNP BONUS, depending on the amount of coins you buy (as detailed)!


Details for completing Holiday Staking Bounty:

1.) BUY min. 1,000 MNPCoins on one Exchange and make a screenshot. (order history)

2.) Save TxId for transferring to your local Wallet (min. 1,000 MNPCoins)

3.) Save a clear screenshot of the Staking is activated and running (green arrow in the bottom right corner of the wallet) and your MNPCoin address (where the Stake is running)

PAYMENTS will be distributed when last seat is filled or 12-31-2018 whichever is first! All updates for this MasterNodesPro MNPCoin Holiday bounty can be found on our discord server!


Send your 2 screenshots, your TxId and your MNPCoin stake address to to complete your bounty!

Best Regards,
Your MNP Team