This is Week 3 of our new weekly Rafflecopter giveaway event! We have partnered with exciting projects listed on MasterNodes.Pro and every week you can win Masternode coins from the featured project! To enter the giveaway we will provide a link and you will have to complete the tasks given.  Each giveaway has a value of around 100$ of the featured projects coin. 4 winners will get an even split of the coins!!!

Featuring this week is Proelio Coin!

Proelio is an open source crypto-currency that is PoS/Masternode based and focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & environmental footprint. It utilises a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network .

See the stats Page:

Right now you can join for the Rafflecopter for Proelio Coin!

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Proelio Rafflecopter starts 03/15/2019 (12:00 AM EST) and ends 03/22/2019 (12:00 AM EST).  

Here is the Rafflecopter link: