v1.2.1 is being released in the next few hours.

We are working hard in the background, writing code to make sure the coins we list have the most accurate and up to date information available on the web.

We have made a big change on how we list all coins on All coin’s that are currently listed on our “Statistics” tab will now be also listed on the “Simple Statistics” tab. This change grants every coin we list access to their own “Advanced Statistics” page which provides detailed information for the coin. We have also added a “NEW COINS” tab which shows coins that have applied for listing on In this tab the status of the application can be viewed. This is just a small change for, we are looking forward to reveal more exciting features in the near future.

Change Log v1.2.1

1. Removal of all company emails to display Support Portal
2. Added Disclaimer to Footer
3. All Coins now display in Simple Statistics
4. All Coins now have Advanced Statistics Pages
5. Removeal of Add New Coin from Menu Bar
6. Removal of Wiki from Menu Bar
7. Added Suport Portal to Menu Bar
8. Added New Coins Tab
       Display of Coins Requesting to be added to the system and the current state of these coins in our Research Process