Join the MNPCoin Masternode Bounty!!
(starting from 11-1-2018 till 11-30-2018)

Only 10 seats available!!! (We give the bounty for max. 10 MNP Masternodes) First in first out! Once these 10 MasterNodes are gone, this bounty will end.

BUY 1 Masternode (min. 10,000 MNPCoin) on STEX or Crex24 and get 10% free MNP BONUS!

To enter Promotion:

1.) BUY min. 10.000 MNPCoins on one Exchange and make a screenshot. (order history)

2.) Save TxId for transferring to your local Wallet (min. 10,000 MNPCoins)

3.) Save a clear screenshot of the Masternode installed and running (masternode successfully started) and your MNPCoin address (where the Masternode is running)

PAYMENTS will be done when Bounty Ends (11-30-2018) or we reach 10 entries!

Send the 2 screenshots, your TxId and your MNPCoin masternode address to

Best Regards,
Your MNP Team