We will soon be running a HowTo Video Series on Setting up a MasterNode. We are looking for one of our listed coins to step forward and Donate enough coins to setup a MasterNode. Once the video is created we will be using this MasterNode to help expand our service. (We will not be selling the generated coins for profit we will more then likely be giving them away. We will be using the MasterNode to help with our Service Creation which will help track a single Masternode and ROI for that masternode.)

If you would like your coin to be part of this. Please contact me directly on Discord (https://discord.gg/ju5AbMx) mnp_jason . If you are just a holder of one of these coins please go back to your community and talk to the coin developers about this. Have them join this slack and contact me directly mnp_jason if they are interested.

Thank you!