Today Kore (KORE) stats have gone live for all to view.

KORE, and all its supporting projects, promotes transactional anonymity for financial transactions as well as phone calls, web surfing, a cross platform operating system, KOREPhone and even web purchases through a proprietary marketplace via the custom-built wallet.
Their goal is while remaining undeterred is to provide an entire ecosystem that facilitates privacy and security. It is their mission to not only achieve their ecosystem goal, but to also ensure that their products will provide an avenue for members of the KORE community itself to harness the potential it offers for their own success. The Development team, who are avid cryptocurrency fans themselves,
naturally have a vested interest in the success and propagation of KORE and all facets of the KORE projects. Anyone investing in masternodes will enjoy the fruits of their labor and will be tasked with their own pursuit of excellence in the upkeep of the masternodes under their supervision.

We're happy to welcome Kore into our community!