Today Innoket (IKT) stats have gone live for all to view.

Innoket is a marketplace where idea, subjects, topics, articles and opinions is our priority. Gathering of your information is the major thing to get done, once compiled you can take a doublecheck and store your piece to get it ready for publishing. Once you have crosschecked your post and you are sure it’s ready to go for sale then there is no reason to keep your product unpublished so as to get buyers get access to buying your idea pack. Once your piece has been successfully published, you wait for just some few moments to get your buyer and make transaction done on time. Buyers have access to browse all available products and can buy as many products at the same time seamlessly. All Payments and transactions are to be completed with our Innoket Coin to ensure swift and seamless payment flow on the platform.

We're happy to welcome Innoket into our community!