Hello MNPCoin community, this message was copied directly from the Polis medium.

Hello Polis Community,

In the few past days, it has come to our knowledge through the means of our PolisPay Card Provider and our lawyers, that our provider was having a set of problems with Mastercard. As we have been told, Mastercard never gave them permission to sell cards outside of Mexico, a situation we were unaware of as we had been guaranteed our provider had the faculties and required licensing to do so.

Unfortunately, the implications of this result in us being unable of selling cards outside the country, at least for now, as Mastercard has blocked our provider from validating transactions from cards with a registered living address in other countries.

It is important know that this only affects the PolisPay Card system, card-independent services such as PolisPay MultiWallet and PolisPay Shift will continue to work as normal.

Please continue reading for a complete description of the implications, refund information and the following plan of action.


  • On the same terms, all of the cards that were registered from other country than Mexico, will no longer work.
  • PolisPay deposits, shifts and new/existing card orders will remain paused until further announcement. We expect them to be up and running soon.
  • Cards registered with a fiscal address Mexico will continue to work globally.


Users will be elegible for the following refunding processes.

  • All orders and cards outside of Mexico will be refunded proportionally in BTC. To be eligible for a refund, please **submit a support ticket in the PolisPay app with your card number on the subject**, the team will answer you back with your refund details.
  • Once the refund has been completed, all of their KYC info will be deleted from our servers.

PolisPay Partners will apply for the following processes.
* Renegotiation of collaboration terms.
* PolisPay Entry fee refunds in BTC.

What’s next?

This is not the end of PolisPay. The team is working on ways to restore the worldwide availability of the platform, as of right now, the teams is searching for new card providers and evaluating different options, so we can expand the PolisPay card, and eventually reach all people in the World. We will keep you posted on any promising information and development we have.

As the platform will continue working, development will as well, so that when the PolisPay Card returns to everyone, the experience will be as seamless as ever. Until then, all our marketing efforts will be put into reaching the mexican community, so we will still be able to sell cards and support the project.

However, this process will take time, so in the meantime, we will focus our efforts into PolisPay Shift, PolisPay User Experience, PolisNodes, Olympus and governance projects.

Polis as a community has had many setbacks, but we have always found a way o overcome them. We will not surrender and we plan to deliver on our vision.

Thanks for reading.