Today is HALFTIME!

One week in the books, and here's the results from Week 1! The voting for Best MasterNode Coin of Q1 2019 is half way over! Voting ends in 1 week on 02/24/2019!

Today, there is the complete list of all coins. We now have over 2000 votes. We are curious if the top 3 will change in the next few days and which community will be strongest. Do not forget the TOP 3 Coin win prizes! (See below)


1.ALTBET 378 votes

2.Rapids 237 votes

3.Beacon 204 votes

Place 4-10

4.Atheneum 168 votes

5.Stakenet 132 votes

6.CryptoDezireCash 103 votes

7.Condominium 78 votes

8.APR Coin 68 votes

9.Nix Platform 65 votes

10.DIVI-COPPER 64 votes

Place 11-20

11.Know Your Developer 61 votes

12.1X2 Coin 57 votes

13.Civitas 47 votes

14.Euno 40 votes

15.Galilel 34 votes

16.MNPCoin 33 votes

17.CryptoFlow 32 votes

18.Bitcoin Green 27 votes

19.Paws 24 votes

20.ColossusXT 22 votes

Place 21-30

21.Giant 22 votes

22.Absolute 22 votes

23.Birake 18 votes

24.Linda 16 votes

25.Rupaya 15 votes

26.GlobalToken 14 votes

27.Airwire 14 votes

28.Poseidon Quark 9 votes

29.Zenzo 9 votes

30.ZijaCoin 6 votes

All other Coins have less than 6 votes or no votes.

Join our Discord and go to our Voting channel:

Voting Starts: 02/11/2019

Voting Ends: 02/25/2019

The Top 3 coins at the end of voting will receive FREE MasterNodesPro listing and FREE MasterNodesPro banner advertisement.

1st place:

1 year free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 250,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small)

2nd place:

6 months free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 100,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small)

3rd place:

3 months free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 50,000 view advertisement banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small)