Today Gold Poker (GPKR) stats have gone live for all to view. These stats are 100% accurate. Users can now see their ROI as well as additional details in the stats.

Gold Poker project’s goal is to achieve a decentralized sustainable cryptocurrency with near instant, full-time, private transactions that helps sustain the network for the benefit of all of the users involved. Gold Poker coin’s target is to influence the development of online poker immensely, by creating a Gold Poker room that helps to develop online poker eco-system and will later become the backbone of online poker industry.

Gold Poker has a highly active, accessible and responsive development team utilizing multiple social networking channels, including social media. Gold Poker's team provides simple and clear answers and analogies, helping you connect the dots within the crypto realms. Gold Poker has a very large, growing and active community on multiple social platforms such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram etc. Join us and stay informed on all the inner workings of crypto.

We're happy to welcome Gold Poker into our community!