Today Drip (DRIP) stats have gone live for all to view. These stats are 100% accurate. Users can now see their ROI as well as additional details in the stats.

DRIP is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees and minimal environmental footprint. It is a fork of the latest version of PIVX which now offers, among other features, private staking. At the beginning, DRIP will offer the additional feature of a portion of each block reward going to retailers and/or charities (further detail below).
DRIP utilizes a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network and uses an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances 90% of its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes - with the remaining 10% dedicated to community budget proposals. A further portion of the block reward is assigned to the last person to whom the PoS winner of each block has sent coins to. The purpose of this is to incentivise retailers to accept DRIP - as acceptance of DRIP will result in being paid for their product or service AND getting an opportunity for further awards.

We're happy to welcome Drip into our community!