1. Added Simple Statistics Table to our Site. These are coin's that have not made it into CoinMarketCap. So they won't have Fiat conversion Data but you will still be able to see the coins ROI and Basic Data.


  1. Moved Changed List New Coin? to Add New Coin Also directed it to funding page.
  2. Added Add new Coin Link to Funding Page that points to google Page
  3. Added Maintenance Tab. This allows us to move coins from Statistics table that are having issues to another table besides Coming Soon Table.


  1. Added FAQ Page
  2. Added About Us Page
  3. Added Advanced Stats Page


  1. Launch of new Site. Updated Frontend using Angular 5 with a Deep level Middleware API


  1. Added 2 new Searchable Fields to our Search List system.


  1. Fixed CMC issue with Gathering all CMC data and storing for coins to use.
  2. Added google AdSense
  3. Basic Wallet Maintence


  1. Added ROI SparkLines
  2. Fixed Advanced Stats Display


  1. Modified MUE stats to turn "NEW_START_REQUIRED" into "ENABLED" COMMIT
  2. Updated DASH rewards as they where wrong COMMIT