Today CatoCoin (CATO) stats have gone live for all to view. These stats are 100% accurate. Users can now see their ROI as well as additional details in the stats.

CatoCoin is a new cryptocurrency which decouples rewards & collateral requirements from the blockchain and links them instead to the number of active Masternodes. CatoCoin's NextGen Technology employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the number of active Masternodes and automatically adjusts rewards and collateral requirements. This approach allows CatoCoin to guarantee ROI both now and in the future, without ever having to fork the blockchain, install new wallets or purchase additional coins once collateral requirements increase. CatoCoin holds are dumping consequences because of increasing collateral requirements. Once you give up your Masternode, the collateral will likely be higher to start a new one. This protects everyone and makes each CatoCoin more valuable over time by ensuring higher and higher values. Your Masternode purchased at the 'then published' collateral requirement stays active after collateral increases for new Masternodes.

We're happy to welcome CatoCoin into our community!