Today BZLCoin (BZL) stats have gone live for all to view.

BZLcoin was launched to introduce Brazilian merchants to the powerful technology of digital currencies through the development of user-friendly platforms. The platform will face a daily “feeding” process, attracting new users and merchants through facilities provided for those who ingress the platform and negotiate with BZLcoin.

The BZLcoin team intends to provide a web platform, mobile applications and more. These applications will afford specific facilities for merchants and other types of users. Soon, you will be able to ascertain faster consultations of your financial position and a simplified registration tool for your products and services. All these future content will be built to facilitate transactions, mitigate bureaucracies and increase security.

This is in addition to other benefits already known, such as: secure storage provided by digital portfolios compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones.

We're happy to welcome BZLCoin into our community!