We would like to thank YouTube sensation Mr_Kristof for including us in his recent 04.04.2019 video! Mr_Kristof is a well respected and observed trader and miner. He has been sharing his experiences in crypto since 2017 on his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFv_fMg2ENc2_6qWmy5I4nQ

In this video Mr_Kristoff explains he often has questions from his users on masternodes and staking, but seeing as this isn't his expertise, he's never had a great answer for his users, until now. Mr_Kristoff stumbled upon our site and realized how useful a resource our site is for masternodes and decided to share it with his users, comparing it to the useful trader site CoinMarketCap.

After reviewing Mr_Kristoff's material on his YouTube, we think it's most definitely worth your time to stop by and subscribe! He keeps a very active and informative channel in a cryptoworld that revolves around knowledge, so check it out!