Welcome back to another awesome MNP Interview!

  This week, we had the honor of sitting down with Brian Kitchin from Aircoins! He gives us a behind the scenes look at the Aircoins project and what we can expect from this first of its kind Augmented Reality app! We go over details such as how this app came about, what you can do with all the coins you've collected, and how to stay involved with upcoming news and future features for the Aircoins app.

  The Aircoins app is free to download in your app store. If you're a first time user or even an Aircoins veteran, tune in for exciting new details about the future of the project. They will definitely keep growing and now is a perfect time to get in the game and start collecting all the coins you can! For those of you coin projects out their wanting to get involved in the app, check out the video for how to get started!

Happy Hunting!